More and more people with physical, stress-related or mental problems come to yoga classes. Many yoga teachers are not prepared for these challenges. We would like to share our many years of experience and yoga knowledge with you to help you deal with these topics better.

The training is based on the model of Yoga Koshas. The Koshas describe a holistic image of the human being, which does not exist in our western view. In the western world, therapy is always a task of specialists from individual fields, such as orthopaedists, internists, psychologists and sociologists. In yoga, the human being is considered holistically and yoga therapy always follows the goal of stimulating people to heal themselves and making better use of their resources.

The three modules are a balanced mixture of theory and practice, the days are well planned, the seminar house and yoga room are very large and the surroundings are ideal for hiking so you can relax in between.


Module 1 – Anamaya Kosha or anatomy
Thu, April 18th to Mon, April 22nd, 2019

  • Technique and execution of a thorough anatomical anamnesis.
  • Applied yoga anatomy, muscle and joint mechanics, stretching and reflexes. Recognizing muscular imbalances and balancing them with yoga methods.
  • We teach therapeutic asana series on the topics ankle, knee, pelvis, ISG, lower back, intervertebral discs, scoliosis, abdominal muscles, shoulder/neck and wrists.
  • The most important clinical pictures of the movement part are explained and we show in practice how they can be alleviated with yoga methods.

Module 2 – Pranamaya Kosha or physiology
Thu, June 2nd to Mon, June 6th, 2019

  • Basics of the nervous system, respiration and stress prevention.
  • Stress and the effect on the autonomic nervous system and organs. Fascia and its importance in yoga therapy. Nadis and Prana and their practical meaning. Energetic anamnesis.
  • We teach asanas and pranayama to cope with stress, show breath therapeutical series and exercises for the yoga energy body. Yoga Nidra in theory and practice.
  • We give yoga responses to asthma, hypertension, diabetes, depression and burnout.

Module 3 – Manomaya and Vijnanamaya Kosha or yoga und psyche
Wed, October 2nd to Sun, October 6th, 2019

  • Emotional brain and rational thinking. Self-reflection and perceptual psychology. Worldview and Constructivism.
  • Citta, Spiritual Systems, Karma and Dharma, Chakras and psyche.
  • We teach asanas, pranayama and meditation, mantra, letting go, bhakti, visualization and process work. (Guest lecture Ralph Skuban!)

Lessons start on the first day at 5 pm and end on the last day around 1 pm, after lunch.


If we don’t know each other please provide me with a short biography of your yoga path.

Seminar fee

The seminar fee for one module is € 590,-

Accomodation and meals

Accommodation and meals per person and day (three meals, including coffee and cake in the afternoon at the hotel).

Single room € 89, – Double room € 79, – Triple room € 69, –

External participants not staying in Haus Ammertal pay € 62, – per day.

Please let us know your room request and we will reserve the room for you. Single rooms cannot be guaranteed. Rooms will be allocated after receipt of registration.

Please pay for accommodation and meals on the spot in cash. Card payment is not possible!


There are blocks and some mats on site. Please bring your own mat and belt, if possible also a yoga bolster and a blanket.

If you can’t bring these props with you, please let us know by mail, we can provide a limited number of props.

Terms and conditions

After confirmation of your registration by Meret, please transfer the registration fee of € 100,- to the following account:

Richard Hackenberg
VR Bank Munich Country
IBAN: EN68701664860001845730

Be sure to include your name and the number and year of the module in the subject line.

The application fee cannot be refunded, it is considered a handling fee.

The remaining amount of € 490, – must be transferred one month before the course starts.

Invoices will be issued after the transfer of the entire seminar fee.


Haus Ammertal, Kehrerstrasse 23 in 82433 Bad Kohlgrub